Only Option Program

The Only Option at Any Price

A four-part webinar where you will learn and implement the secrets to becoming The Only Option at Any Price!

So what is The Only Option At Any Price?

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Have you been buying your insurance from the same agent for years? Everyone has someone they buy a product or service from that they would continue purchasing from regardless of price. The relationship is more important than the cost of the product or service. In the Only Option At Any Price we’ll discover how we can create an atmosphere in our business that attracts more customers to your business that consider you “The Only Option”.

Session One: Defining Purpose – what is the purpose of your business? Why do you do what you do and what happens to the customer when you do it for them? These are just two of the questions you must be able to answer to attract loyal customers to you. We’ll discover this and much more.

Session Two: Identifying and Attracting Perfect Customers – The best customers are those who are “hungry” for your products and services. We’ll drill down to the exact client your products and services are ideal for and we’ll create messaging that will attract them like a magnet.

Session Three: Meet and Greet – we’ll reveal little known secrets and time tested strategies that will super-charge your networking efforts – making you “the person to meet” in every situation.

Session Four: Building Your Perfect Network – we’ll find the hidden riches in your contact list by identifying the perfect connections and the people you know who can connect you to the best clients. Then we’ll find the holes in your contact list and develop a strategy to fill them so you can find even more business.

BEST of all, this program is an on-demand program you can watch and listen to over and over again. You don’t have to worry about making a certain session at a certain time.  Study at your own pace.  PLUS you can submit questions anytime – you’ll have email support for TWO FULL MONTHS and your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. Simply put, you’ll be thrilled or we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

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This program will change your business for the better – guaranteed.  Stop getting lousy leads, dead-end referrals, and cold connections and start developing RAVING FANS who will drive more profitable business your way on a regular basis!

And there are some GREAT bonuses too (Making the package worth NEARLY $1000!)

Here’s what you will get:

101 Networking Nuggets Ebook – normally $49.95 (plus the Networking Scorecard to help you determine where you are and where you can improve, the 90 minute Is Your Networking Working? seminar audio recording, and the Member Success Program – 10 steps to success in any organization – a $137 value)

Attracting Perfect Customers
normally $59
– audio and study sheets – more of the customers you want and less of those you don’t want

Elevator Speech Builder
(normally $59)
– audio and study sheets to help you craft the perfect message for any situation

Elevator Speech Builder Session with Glen  (normally $250)

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