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How We Made Millions Meeting People and Learning from Them!

"Who do you need to meet?"

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to meet just the right people at the right time? Is it by chance or luck, but by a systematic approach that can be learned and duplicated.

Right now, the knowledge and resources you need, the contacts you need to connect with, and the access to everything you desire is in the possession or control of someone. All you need to do is identify who that someone is and create a plan to make contact.

That's exactly what this book does. It provides you with a step-by-step way to identify, meet, and build relationships with people who can and will make a difference in your life and business.

Using these techniques, my family and I have generated multiple millions of dollars, became well-connected in communities, and have established life-long friends.

You can too. Simply follow the plan to Million Dollar Meetings.

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Glen Gould is a Professional Speaker. Creator of Multiple Million $+ Businesses. Personal Development Author.

Family + Entrepreneurship = Freedom.

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