Asking questions skillfully and listening carefully can improve your networking and sales success.  When you learn to ask The Million Dollar Question you can super-charge your results.

It’s called The Million Dollar Question because it can literally make you a millionaire.  People from all walks of life find this one question to be so different from anything they have ever learned that they just can’t stop talking about the impact it has on their careers.

The Million Dollar Question cannot be asked as a stand alone question.  It is used in the context of a conversation and only after a considerable amount of questioning skillfully and listening carefully.  As your conversation continues, ask the person you’re speaking with for their card and be ready to write notes on the back as you ask questions.  Genuine interest is required to use the question wisely.

So what’s The Million Dollar Question?

“I’m in the public quite a bit, tell me (insert name), in the course of my day, how will I recognize a good prospect for you if I see one?  (Yes, WOW is an appropriate response right now!)

You see, most people are so busy thinking about themselves and how they will benefit from this relationship that they fail to recognize that it is NOT about them, it is about the person they’re in front of.  The person you are talking to will hesitate at first because this kind of question is so rarely asked.  It shows you truly are interested in them.

Often people who are asked this question appear puzzled at first since they rarely come in contact with people who are genuinely interested in helping them.  Do not despair.  As you build your skill asking questions and listening to answers you’ll become adept at discovering ideal clients and prospects for the people you meet too.

Clearly you can see the benefit of asking The Million Dollar Question but remember that you must take care to record what you’ve learned.  Be certain to record what you’ve learned about the person you just met on the business card you asked for earlier.  While you don’t want to promise that you’ll be on the lookout for referrals, you will have implied that you are.  And subconsciously your mind will go to work seeking a solution.

That’s it.  While it seems simple it is rarely done and rarer still are those who do it regularly.  If you do you will stand out from the crowd, be known as a caring connector, and people and resources will magically appear in your life.