Today is June 1, but it could just as well be any other day. A day of resolution. You don’t really need New Year’s Day to resolve to do or not do something, but seems like people like starting at the beginning.

I like the first of most anything and perhaps that’s my problem.

I’m great at starting over. I’ve had to do it so many times now it seems like I’m always doing it. And not only have I had to start over countless times, I’ve chosen to just as many times as I’ve been forced to.

When we were kids living in Brookview Gardens Apartments on South Cobb Drive in Smyrna, GA, we used to play all sorts of sports on a small patch of open grass right next to the main road. We had a perfectly good baseball field which was much bigger, but it just seemed that when we’d play football, it was on that small patch.

Maybe it was because it had the telephone line that crossed it near the end, suspended by two poles. We’d use it to kick field goals. Problem was, every once in a while a play would be interrupted by that telephone line.  Someone would throw a pass that would hit the line. Whenever this would happen we’d all yell in unison, “Do-over!”

Seems like my life is one big “Do-over”.  Always deciding, “This is the time, this is the year, this is it.” And yet, no more than a few weeks later I’m yelling “Do-over!” again.

And maybe it is as it should be. Because here’s the thing about “Do-overs”. Whenever we had a “Do-over” on that field, we never had back to back “Do-overs”. That’s because we almost never ran exactly the same play, and if we did, we had the knowledge that we had gained the first time around.

So, yes, it’s time for another “Do over” and I’m excited about it. Because I now possess all the knowledge I’ve gained through the previous plays I’ve run, tries I’ve had, and successes and failures I’ve experienced. With all the knowledge I’ve gained, certainly, this will be the time I’ll not have to “Do over” again.

Until the next “Do over” that is.