new-years-day-orchampionshjipheading1Every player wants to win the championship. Professional athletes stay in shape during the off-season but a championship campaign begins with training camp.

After a few weeks, preseason begins. Here the players get back into the groove of competing. While everyone wants to win the real purpose of preseason games is to evaluate the ability of each player to execute both personally and with the team.

Some players wont make the team. In the end, the manager puts the best team he can on the field with the intention of winning the championship at the end of the season.

Championships are often won or lost before the season begins. It is often the discipline each team member has during off-season, training camp, and preseason that makes all the difference.

What does this have to do with our personal success next year? Everything.

More than half of all people in the world look at New Years Day as a new beginning. The other half are in denial. A new year is simply that, new.

Thats where trouble begins. We approach New Years Day as Championship Day. Its as if we suddenly are thrown into the biggest game of our lives. And the bad news? We prepared for the big game by doing everything we no longer want to do.

Imagine the manager telling his players, Ok, listen here guys. During training camp I want you to try to miss the ball when you swing the bat. On the odd chance someone does hit the ball, I want you to be sure not to catch it if it comes near you. And if youre the one who hits the ball, whatever you do, do not run those bases.

Then, after camp and pre-season the manager says, This is it guys. Everything weve worked so hard for. Its Championship Day. Today, make sure that when you swing you dont miss the ball. When the other guys hit it, you have to catch it every time. And run those bases as if your life depends on it. Go get em!

Take a professional baseball player and have him practice missing the ball for an extended period of time and it will take him a while to get back to hitting the ball at all.

Its the same for you and me. Weve been practicing all the wrong skills.

We desire something better. So we set New Years Resolutions or goals. Sadly, most of us will fail. Not because we didnt earnestly desire or genuinely try, but because we prepared poorly in the off-season (aka last year).

So lets take a new approach this year. Let New Years Day be the beginning of a winning campaign. Lets bring our best discipline but be aware weve been enjoying the off-season for a while now. Were going to make some mistakes, engage in some old behaviors, and yes, well even fail.

But remain diligent and disciplined. When we fail, begin again with the knowledge we gained in failure. Examine what caused the failure and endeavor to avoid those circumstances next time.

In the end, we may find that some players (our new goals) wont make the team. We just might find that we can win our championship without them. Better still, we may find that goal wasnt big enough for us.

Its time to put our best team on the field and begin our winning campaign.

New Years Day shouldnt be the end. New Years Day is by its very nature is the beginning.