8278528122_03a667d828_bThe election is over and nearly 50% of the population feels hopeless. Their dreams for a different America have been dashed and they expect the worst.


And as man allowed his ego, disappointment, anger, and dismay to be shown through his thoughts and actions, God spoke and said, “How dare you?”


“Whether you choose to believe in me or not will not change the facts of your existence. Haven’t I given you the greatest prize at birth by ensuring that you, regardless of what man or woman is elected to lead your nation, were born into the freest, richest, and finest conceived country on the planet? Are you not living today in a nation unlike any other, whereby the sweat of your own brow you can rise from the very bottom to the very top?”


“Did I not provide you with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by the men who founded your great land through my direction? No one ever said you would be happy mind you, but you are free to pursuit it or not. And are you not free in this land I have provided you to do all you wish or nothing at all so long as it doesn’t infringe on those who share this country with you?”


“Were you not given free and clear the greatest head start of any people by being born into The United States of America? You were born into a land rich with resources. A land full of educational opportunities, with the finest health care system in the world to help you stay well to take advantage of all I’ve given you. You my child have some audacity to feel hopeless.”


“I provided you birth into a land where the bravest men and women in history will live and protect your country and your people, in fact you, so that you may flourish in the opportunity and freedom I have so abundantly provided you. Yet you sit and moan about the election of a few men or women. Do you not know who I am? I am your refuge!”


“And did I not promise you that I would be with you? I would ask if you have forgotten me but I need not, your actions speak. You have forgotten me and therefore you believe that I have forsaken you. How self-centered you are. Yet is it not how it has been since the garden?”


“And because of your actions, did I not have for forsake my only Son to redeem you to me? How, how can you have such audacity of hopelessness when you have been given so much? Yes, indeed it is because of the freewill that I gave you because I loved you enough to set you free. You have distorted my gifts child. I still love you, I have not nor will I ever forsake you, I gave my Son because I loved you, but my child, I am not pleased with your behavior.”


And man said, “Thank you Father. Forgive me for I have sinned again. I am ungrateful and unworthy of the gifts you have given me. I will seek You and your wisdom in my sorrow over our county’s direction. I am hope-filled because of You and I am grateful that I live in a country where I can be disappointed from time-to-time and yet still bask in the joy of living free in the greatest country on the earth. And I will endeavor to honor the gifts you have given me by following You. Thank you Father. Thank you.”