Leaders are missing in most every aspect of life.  There is a void of leadership that continues to weaken groups in all areas of our society, and networking groups are not immune.  We need those who possess skills and enthusiasm to keep the group on task, on time, on purpose, and on going.

As with all things in life, successful networking requires careful planning, consistent attendance, full participation, and careful results measurement.  But to truly soar you need to do more than just consistently attend events and participate.  By volunteering to take a leadership role you will set yourself apart from the masses.  Everyone values those who give of their time to ensure the success of the group.  Giving of your time in a purposeful way will yield great results.  You should seek out opportunities to serve where you can make the biggest impact for the group and for you.

Choose a leadership role that aligns with your unique set of skills.  Those who facilitate groups in their business lives should facilitate networking groups.  Bankers, financial planners, certified public accountants, and other financial professionals should volunteer to assist with management of the finances and financial reporting of the group.  Always seek opportunities to showcase your skills when seeking a leadership role.

Check your ego at the door.  While you may be the captain of your ship, leadership in a volunteer group requires a servant mentality.  To lead is to serve others.  Bring all your talent and skills to be sure, but resist the temptation to be overbearing simply because you are the expert.  Remember that others are serving as well.  The last thing any group needs is a dictator.  Be empathetic.

Perhaps the best thing about being a leader in any group is that you will be considered a leader in all walks of life.  People naturally assume that you are a mover and shaker when you are the head of an organization and they will ask you to lead in others.  This gives you access to the heads of other organizations.  They now represent your peer group.

Become known as a leader and you will be amazed at the level of people you meet and how many of them will want to know you.